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PGSharp Activation Key is an Android app that allows you to change your GPS location while playing Pokemon GO, is called PGSharp. This software allows you to control your avatar’s movement without having to move. You can also use it to catch Pokemons at home with advanced features such as custom walking speed, automatic walks, joystick support, and joystick control. It is free to download. The key it gives comes with an expiration date.

Four years after its release, Pokemon GO is still one of the most loved mobile games. PGShar APK brings back a lot of nostalgia for the 90s, but it also offers an augmented reality that is unlike anything else. You can capture, train, and find Pokemons in the current area by playing the game. The game is not perfect. You need to move around in order to meet different creatures.

PGS Tech Ltd. developed PGSharp License Key to solving this problem. It is a utility tool that allows you to fake your GPS location or movement. It allows you to move quickly and easily and capture multiple Pokemon. You don’t have to teleport far. This means you can travel the world without having to move. Its latest update supports the use of joysticks, an auto-walk function, and an option to alter the walking speed.

PGSharp Activation Key Free List Latest Download

After downloading the PGSharp Keys, you can instantly create a fake location for Pokemon GO. It has many advanced features that make the game easier. You can fake your location to find Pokemons in your area or country. To jump from one place to the next, all you have to do is use teleport. PGSharm allows users to set a walking speed for their avatar. Users can adjust the speed at which the character walks by moving the joystick. You can also use the auto-walk function to help you wait for your eggs to hatch.

PGSharm can be downloaded and used safely. There may be some issues if you use PGSharp Pro Apk for spoofing your location. This is because Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO, is extremely concerned about providing a fair gaming environment to all players. It may also ban your account if you are caught using a spoofer application. This function works without the user touching the joystick. Furthermore, Chimera Tool Keygen software has been updated with innovative and new features.

PGSharp Free Version suggests that users create a fake Pokemon Trainer Club account (PTC) to avoid this problem. Users can create a fake Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account to spoof their location. To avoid being on the radar of Niantic developers, the app suggests users not change their location too often. There is also a paid version of the software that can support up to 2 devices. It offers additional features such as Quick Catch, Skip Evolve, and Pokemon feed. PGSharp Premium also supports Gotcha, Go Plus, and other games.

List of Genuine PGSharp Activation Key (2023)

Pokemon GO, unlike other games, is an AR game that requires you physically to travel to locations to capture Pokemon, visit Pokemon Shops, and enter Gyms. You can move and control your avatar around the world by simply spoofing where you are with PGSharp Activation Keys. PGSharp allows you to spoof your location for Pokemon Go without rooting.

PGSharp Activation Key Free List uses spoofing to trick your location. This helps you catch more Pokemon and visit different gyms, increasing your chances of finding rare Pokemon. The game’s creator has banned the practice and your Pokemon Go account may be suspended if caught. PGSharp has a teleportation function that allows you to travel from one place on the map to another instantly. This feature is particularly useful if you need fast travel.

You can enter the GPS coordinates to instantly be taken to a location. You’ll need to wait for a set amount of time before you can perform another activity, such as spinning a Pokestop or catching wild Pokemon. Other actions, such as hatching eggs, trading Pokemon or teleporting, encountering wild Pokemon, deleting items from personal storage, and claiming rewards, do not trigger a cooling down.

Key Features

  • Joystick to Move – This app is the best. To find hidden Pokemon Go creatures, you must move around to get there. This Joystick makes it easy to move with no need for you to actually move.
  • Walking Speed- Players can control their walking speed using PGSharp. You can adjust the speed of your walk and increase or decrease it as you wish.
  • Teleportation- This app help players teleport between locations. You can select any location and be teleported there.
  • Routes to Move- Developer PGSharp License Key 2022 also offers various routes for players. The route to move will automatically be available to you. You will be able to move automatically and change your route whenever you want.
  • Save Location- Players can easily save their location using this app. This will allow them to keep track of where they’ve been.
  • Free to Use – This is the most important feature of this app, as it’s impossible to have all of these features in one place. PGSharp gives you all of these features for free. This is not possible with any other app.
  • Free Movement- This game allows players to freely move around the globe. This makes the game more fun for players.

PGSharp Activation Key

Advanced Features

  • Custom Shortcuts
  • Speed
  • Spoofing Location
  • Joystick
  • Hide PGSharp App
  • Hide the Trainer Name
  • Inventory IV
  • Encounter IV
  • Catch Preview
  • Enhanced Throw
  • Map
  • Tap to Walk/Teleport
  • Radar Nearby
  • Quick Sniper (Feed)
  • Cooldown Timer
  • Auto Incubator
  • Quick Catch
  • Skip Cutscenes
  • Block Non-Shiny
  • Quick Load Map

What’s New In PGSharp Activation Key

  • You don’t need any additional software. PGSharp can automatically claim your location.
  • It features an automatic walking function, which allows eggs to hatch depending on their daily mileage.
  • Your trainer can adjust your walking speed.
  • This allows you to teleport to any part of the planet.
  • PGSharp only simulates where you are in the game. Niantic can detect it, but iMovie hides the position.
  • You don’t need to update your smartphone in order to play Pokemon GO. This is unlike PGSharp, which doesn’t have an iOS alternative. Both brands work with iMovie.
  • PGSharp Activation Key Pokemon GO Key requires you to log in using your Facebook account.
  • If you want to keep your anonymity, it’s better to use a Google account to play games than to give third-party apps access.
  • Many users have been banned from PGSharp’s game because of its version control system.
  • Simply put, using your main account to collect Pokemon is risky.
  • Although the idea of using PGSharp for Pokemon GO might seem appealing, there are important things to consider before installing the program.
  • It can alter your GPS location and spoof your data via dating services and social networking sites, among other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PGSharp App available on the App Store or Play Store?

The PGsharp app is not available in any major apps or play stores. Users can only access the official website to obtain the program.

What platforms are supported by PGSharp

The PGsharp app is currently only available for Android devices. iPhone and iOS users can’t download or use Pgsharp Activation Key Generator.

Is there a mod for PGSharp?

Although you might get a modified version, it is not guaranteed that it will work properly. The PGsharp Free Download mod program can increase the chance of your Pokemon Go account getting banned.


  • You can instantly teleport to any location on the map
  • The auto walk can automatically collect items and hatch eggs
  • Rooting your phone is not necessary


  • A PTC account must be used
  • Your PTC account could be blocked

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PGSharp Activation Key & License Key


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System Requirements

Hard Disk Space: 107 MB
Operating system: Windows 10/7/8/XP/
RAM: 63 MB (Memory)
Processor: 1.2 GHz

How To Install?

  1. First of all, click the blue Download button.
  2. If you want to enjoy all the premium features, then you can buy the Standard version.
  3. The latest version of the PGSharp apk will be downloaded shortly on your android phone.
  4. Install and Open the PGSharp Activation Code on your android phone.
  5. Now Open the Settings of the PGShark and tap the Activate button.
  6. Use any of the above free activation keys for PGShark and paste it on your mobile phone.
  7. Click the OK button and all the premium features will be unlocked.


If you want to activate your PGsharp app, you will need a PGSharp activation key. Fortunately, these keys are freely available and easy to find. Use the list below to get started. You can then proceed to activate the application. This will unlock your device and give you unlimited access to the premium version.

All these license keys are still active for players who are looking for a free list of PGSharp Paid Version activation key generators. So you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that a lot of games have been released in recent years on the Play Store, App Store, or any other app and game store for you to try in different categories.

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